Van’s Aircraft: Kit supplier
                                        Van’s Air Force: Very useful forum of builder and owners
                                        Federazione CAP: Italy Experimental Aircraft Association
                                        EAA:  Experimental Aircraft Association
                                        Aero Sport Power: Engine supplier
                                        Whirlwind Aviation: Propellers
                                        Superior Air Parts: Engine parts supplier
                                        ECI Aero: Engine parts supplier
                                        AWI Aerospace: Exhaust system supplier
                                        Flyefii:  Injection and ignition system supplier
                                        Eaton Aeroquip: Hosing
                                        Vertical Power: Electronic circuit breaker system supplier
                                        North Air: Electrical and avionic system designer
                                        Aircraft Spruce: Everything and more
                                        Dynon Avionics: Advanced avionic system
                                        Garmin: Avionics
                                         PS Engineering: Audio Panel
                                         Stenair: Accessories and optional
                                         Experimentalair: Accessories and optional
                                         RvBits Store: Accessories and optional
                                         Aircraft Extras: Accessories and optional
                                         Beringer: Breaking system
                                         Gieffe Racing: Aluminum fittings
                                         David Motori: Authorized Lycoming dealer/ Lubricant
                                         AircraftStudioDesign: Graphic designer
                                          Let’s Cover: Wrapping / Final Painting scheme films
                                          SuperB Battery: Batterie al litio

In this section are listed the majority of suppliers and builders who provided parts, equipments, hardware and consulting for assembling Rv-7 I-MKLK Spirit of Cina

I-MKLK Van’s Aircraft Rv 7