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Van’s Aircraft RV 7


Welcome to the Spirit of China website. The Spirit is a Van’s Aircraft Rv-7, two seats side by side, high performance, aluminum plane.
When I talk about it I like to say that it excels in nothing but it does everything: good cruiser, excellent performer in basic aerobatic and it can be safely operated from short runways . These are the main reasons of its success around the world. I’ve been always used to fly plane,  never conceived to build one. But one day I had the opportunity to meet one of the amateur builder guru, Umberto Monechi, and I approach this world getting involved and fascinated. The chance to build it by your own means really having a customized and unique plane and it allows to fly on a very deeply known machine. A very unusual aspect about building I-MKLK is
the location: an apartment room located at the first floor! This website was born with the purpose to share this unforgettable, even though demanding, adventure.I strongly hope it will be an inspiration and helping aid but more than anything the evidence that.....You can do it!! In addition on the path I had the chance to meet many people, among them builders, experts, suppliers and flight lovers, who inevitably become very good friends. Mr Emanuele Lo Tenero, aeronautical engineer from CAP (Club Aviazione Popolare), federation formerly designated by Civil Aviation Authority on amateur-building matter, supervised all the building phases.

Marco Grilli


I-MKLK Van’s Aircraft Rv 7